Pulley and V-belt | มู่เลย์ และ สายพาน


Pulleys having Taper bush are normally known as Taper lock pulley.They eliminate re boring and key waying problems. Changing Taper lock bush changes diameter of shaft and position of pulley. we can make above pulleys from single groove to multiple grooves in various sections like SPA,SPB,SPC or custom designs
**มู่เล่ย์ พู่เล่ย์ เทเปอร์บุช ร่อง SPA , SPB, SPC  มีสินค้าพร้อมส่ง**
รับผลิตมู่เล่ย์ พู่เล่ย์ ตามแบบลูกค้า

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SKF offers a complete assortment of both standard and high performance transmission belts which can be installed in many different applications. The SKF Xtra Power Transmission belts, for example, are suitable for all kinds of industrial applications and some agricultural machines. These belts have been designed to increase the service life of your application and deliver up to 40% more power than standard wrapped belts.

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